Microbial Protein Production
Build Better Cells
Increase protein expression by
testing thousands of genomic modifications
using our new platform.
Genomic DNA and sgRNA library
Capture Adapters and Magnetic Beads
Specially designed sgRNA adapters make it possible to quickly synthesize libraries. Library construction on magnetic beads make the process highly efficient, even when working with small amouts of DNA.
SLALOM 1.0 ™ Kits
Conveinient kits with controls make it fast and easy to make custom libraries for your experiments.
Services and Tools
Library construction services and tools comming soon.
scientist looking through microscope
We can make a library for you if you send in a DNA sample. Please contact us to let us know you're interested.
genomic data representation
We are currently developing bioinformatic tools to predict sgRNA sequences in libraries generated using SLALOM 1.0 ™ sgRNA Library Synthesis kits.